Our Vision

The Missionary Society of St Columban is an international Catholic missionary organization, centered on the Eucharist, that crosses boundaries of culture and religion to help the poor and exploited peoples.

We seek to reach out and transform human life through our evangelizing work, opening up the horizons of humanity to the living mystery of God's kingdom, and responding to the poor and suffering wherever they may be found.

Why We're Different


Belief in Human Dignity

We seek to bring human dignity to all and establish churches in impoverished and unstable areas. Our priests serve communities who are most in need, regardless of culture or religion.


Fostering Interfaith Dialogue

We promote open communication globally between Christians and those from all other religious traditions. By working across cultures and regions, we strengthen our ability to reach the poor.


Channeling Hope and Support

Our organization communicates the good word of our missionary work around the globe to our many supporters who pray for change, and give them the opportunity to make a difference.

Our Values

Living side-by-side with the people in the countries where we work, Columban Missionaries live and share the Gospel of Jesus through:

  • Working with poor and exploited peoples.
  • Seeking justice and dignity for those denied their rights.
  • Developing faith communities in the local church.
  • Promoting dialogue between Christians and those from other religions.
  • Growing a culture of peace.
  • Advocating respect and care for the earth and the environment.

Sharing Gospel Joy

General Council


Hong Kong Headquarters

In 2008, the General Council of the Society moved from Ireland, where it had been located since our beginnings in 1918, to Hong Kong. This vibrant city is close to many of the countries where our missionaries are working.

Columban Mission


Years of mission to the world.




Generations of people lifted to dignity.