Diverse Challenges, Sustainable Change

Our work addresses diverse global challenges. Columbans are internationally recognized for their efforts on issues as broad as the threat of climate change, migrant rights and economic justice. But what connects it all is a core belief in human dignity and what it takes to restore it. Truly helping those who are exploited or marginalized can only come from living their experience. Because Columbans commit to their communities—often for years—people feel real, sustained change, not just temporary relief.

Lay missionaries

Missionaries & Volunteers

The tireless commitment of priests, lay missionaries, sisters, staff and volunteers makes our impact possible worldwide. Whether through grassroots efforts, advocacy or dialogue, our missionary society relies on a strong human network to help those in need.

giving support

Giving & Support

There are many people who cannot go where our Columban missionaries go, but want to make a difference. Together we bring Christ, in word and in sacrament, to the people of the world. How you can support us

Border Mass in El Paso, TX

Advocacy & Outreach

Growing the common good includes working with government agencies and the media, NGOs and other religions. Our missions in every region affect local and global challenges.

Long-Term Impact and Lasting Transformation

St. Francis Learning Center

Our projects aim for long-term change

Columbans on the ground have changed their communities for the better. Against great odds, some have seen a decrease in crime, better education regardless of class or gender, higher engagement of young people in civic issues, or simply compassionate care for the disadvantaged. 

Areas of Focus

Providing Education

Education is a path to sustainability. Helping local communities get started.

Defeating Poverty

Long-term solutions for eradicating poverty in areas where it has been a struggle for generations.

Improving Healthcare

Bringing basic needs to people with little to no resources.


Establishing the church where the Gospel has not been preached.