General Council

In 2008 the General Council of the Society moved from Ireland, where it had been located since our beginnings in 1918, to Hong Kong. This vibrant city is close to many of the countries where our missionaries are working.


The Columban General Council. Fr. Arturo Aguilar, Fr. Darwin Bayaca, Fr. Pat Colgan and Fr.  Kevin O'Neill
 The General Council, from left, Fr. Arturo Aguilar, Fr. Darwin Bayaca, Fr. Patrick Colgan and Fr. Kevin O'Neill


Council Members

Fr. Kevin O'Neill

Kevin O'Neill
Superior General
Ordained 1992

After my ordination in 1992 I worked in Taiwan as prison chaplain for adult, youth, mentally ill and HIV inmates working together with the Hsin Chu diocese's prison ministry team while also spending a few years as diocesan youth chaplain and chaplain to the Filipino migrant community in the Cathedral parish. In 2000 I was elected onto the General Council and lived in Ireland for six years. From there I worked in China as vocations coordinator. 


Fr. Arturo Aguilar

Arturo Aguilar
Vicar General

Ordained 1984

Upon ordination in 1984, I formed part of the first team assigned to the new Brazil Mission Unit in 1985.  While in Brazil I worked in parish and diocesan youth ministries.  After returning to the U.S. in 1994, I served in various communities including Dallas and El Paso, TX and Los Angeles, CA, in Youth, Vocations and Mission Promotion ministries.  After a period of studies in Minnesota to pursue an MSW, I joined our US headquarters in Omaha to begin Hispanic Ministry. In 2006 I began service as Regional Director for six years. 


Fr. Patrick Colgan

Pat Colgan

Ordained 1992

I returned to Fiji, where I had spent 2 years as a seminarian, in August 1994, to do pastoral and missionary work among the diverse Fijian (Christian) and Indian (Hindu and Muslim) communities of Labasa  and Ba Parishes. In 2004, after scriptural studies in Rome, I was asking to be vice-Rector and then Rector of the Formation Program in Suva, where I also taught at the Pacific Regional Seminary. In Suva, I developed a particular interest in the interfaith and prison ministries. 


Fr. Darwin Bayaca

Darwin Bayaca

Ordained 2005

I joined the Columban Formation Program in 1992 and was ordained on 2005. After two years in the parish while also helping out with the vocation promotion for a year, I was assigned to the  China Mission Unit in 2006 where I also did my FMA from 2000-2002. I was in China for two years before going back to Chicago to do one year of preparatory course for Formation work. In 2009 I was appointed  Rector of the Philippine Formation Program (2009-2012). I was also appointed Vice-Director for the Philippine Region in 2010.