Showing the Way in Myanmar

The Columban Fathers work in Myanmar (formerly Burma) began in 1936. Following the military junta’s rise to power in 1978, new missionaries were prohibited from replacing those in the country. The local church has continued to progress and maintain friendships with local Catholics, and the Columbans have recently returned to Myanmar. 

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Read the latest news from the Mandalay Archdiocesan Higher Education Center. The magazine features school and alumni news,  as well as other  features. HEC Magazine - Summer 2018.

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Latest News from Myanmar

The Columban mission is busy with a variety of projects and activities in Myanmar. Learn about the mission and upcoming news. Find out more ...

Sharing Gospel Joy

Myanmar's Displaced Persons

A Kachin woman weaving

Touching Testimonies

In Myanmar, young people are learning that education is more powerful than guns thanks to the work of Columban missionaries and benefactors. In the Diocese of Banmaw, Columbans are giving the poorest but most eager Kachin young people an opportunity to lift their level of education.

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