Columban Presence Grows Despite Dire Poverty

In 1953, three Columban missionary priests were sent to Santiago, Chile to develop Christian communities in the continually growing, poor housing tracts on the outskirts of the city. Over a fifteen year period, the Columban effort grew from one to seven parishes and from three to 28 Columbans and priest associates caring for 200,000 people. This was carried out during a time of dire poverty, resulting from lack of employment and education. Much poverty still exists today although the political climate is now much more stable.

St. Columban


History of St. Columban

St. Columban was born in Ireland in 543. At a young age he entered the Monastery and remains there until his 40th birthday. He then leaves his town and becomes a missionary in Europe. Learn more. (Spanish)


Priestly Vocations

The priestly missionary vocation is a daring look with love to the world. It venturing out into the world to help the poor and marginalized. Learn more. (Spanish)


Lay Missionaries

As Columban Lay Missionaries we are called by God to leave our family, culture and country as a way to respond to his call. Learn more. (Spanish)

Columban Mission


Years of mission to the world




Generations of people lifted to dignity