Our Mission in Britain

Columbans have had a missionary presence in Britain for over 60years. We believe that our experience overseas broadens our vision of the Church and we bring this important dimension to our work in Britain. Columbans, ordained and lay, have raised awareness of the missionary dimension of the Church, inviting others to participate in the mission of God. Through collaboration and networking, the Columbans have laid down deep roots in Britain, sharing their mission experience with the local church.

Our aims are to raise awareness of and elicit support for Columban missions internationally; to work in solidarity with the poor and the exploited Earth for justice, peace and the integrity of creation; to promote life-giving relationships between peoples of different cultures and religions, particularly outreaching to migrants; to facilitate mission for others and the exchange of personnel and resources between Britain and other places where Columbans work.

Columban Lay Missionaries

Columban Lay Missionaries

Columban Lay Missionaries (CLM) are called by God, initially to leave family, culture and country. In responding to this call, lay missionaries come to know more deeply the compassionate and loving Jesus who made His home with the poor and marginalised. 

Mission in Britain

Mission in Britain

In Britain we are a group of Columban Priests and Columban Lay Missionaries. We are called to be a missionary presence here. Solidarity with the poor is an essential element or our missionary commitment.

Far East Magazine

Far East Magazine

Far East is the official magazine of the Columban Missionaries in Britain. It provides insight into the mission work of Columbans around the world and invites you to a deeper understanding of our shared call through baptism to be God’s missionaries. Subscribe today!

Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation

Climate Change

The Columbans regard climate change as a matter of life and death for millions of poor people, and a disaster for the natural world.

Justice and Peace Education

Columban Justice and Peace Education helps young people and educators explore the relationship between faith and action, working through schools, parishes and collaborative projects.

Food and Water

Columbans contend that the rush to patent life will devalue all life and, instead of feeding the world, it will exacerbate hunger and malnutrition.

Extractive Industries

The Columbans support local communities in their opposition to destructive large-scale mining, particularly in the Philippines.

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